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PTO Board

Amy Recchia, PTO Co-President

As the Bridges PTO President, I am proud to be involved with an amazingly hard working team, the Board Members and dedicated parent volunteers. During our inaugural year, the Board accomplished an amazing amount; I am excited to continue building upon that success. In addition to my volunteer work, I am also a delighted wife and mother of 2 spirited boys, an incoming 6th grade student and an 8th grade student at Sossaman. We moved into the Bridges 2 years ago and love our community. I am a Technical Writer by trade and enjoy the flexibility of working from home while tailoring my schedule around my boys. I am honored to lend a hand in continuing to build “The Bridges” into an amazing school for the children, parents, and teachers.



Michaela Lewis, PTO Vice President

Hello Bobcat Families! I am so excited to be working with the PTO alongside the dedicated teachers, staff members and parents for the second year here at Bridges Elementary. As your PTO Vice President, it is my goal to make this year even more successful than last. I have thoroughly enjoyed my involvement in the school events, running the Facebook page, and getting to know so many amazing of the amazing teachers and parents we have at this school. My husband and I have three kiddos who currently attend Bridges Elementary (Kindergarten, 4th and 5th grader), a 3 year old at home, and one more on the way. I have recently become a stay at home mom and couldn’t be more thrilled! I love spending time with my family, crafting, and writing for my upcoming blog. I am excited to be a part of the PTO and look forward to a great year with all of you!


Portrait of Sarah Riffell

Sarah Riffell, PTO Treasurer

My name is Sarah Riffell and I have been a member of the Bridges community since April, 2014. My daughter, Ava (7) is in 1st grade at Bridges and my son Corbin (3) will attend when he’s old enough. I have a B.S. in Accountancy from Arizona State University and am currently the Controller at an aircraft finance company for general aviation. In my free time I enjoy staying active with hiking, mountain biking, Crossfit and traveling as much as possible. My family and I look forward to a lasting relationship with Bridges as our children mature and grow with the community.

 Portrait of Sherry Bartley

Sherry Bartley, PTO Secretary

My name is Sherry Bartley. We now live in Queen Creek but my kids have attended school in the HUSD for 6 years. I have 5 kids, 2 that attend Bridges this year. Caleb is in 5th and Tanner is in 3rd. I also have a son at Sossaman Middle in 8th and my oldest son is a Junior at Higley HS. My little girl is only 19 months and keeps me on my toes. 
I am currently a realtor and have a background in HOA management as a Property Manager. I have also served on the Power Ranch Elementary PTO Board for 2 years and volunteered for the PTO when I wasn’t a Board member.  I have always been very involved in my children’s school activities. 
I excited to be a part of the 2017-2018 Bridges PTO. bridgespto.secretary@gmail.com

Monica Miller, PTO Parliamentarian